Osteoporosis paper felled by concerns with “scientific integrity”

A paper suggesting that exposure to¬†sunlight might help prevent hip fractures in the elderly has been retracted, due to duplication¬†and “concerns about the underlying data.” An expression of concern that appeared last July flagged the 2005 paper as containing text that matched another paper with the same first author that was published in 2011. According … Continue reading Osteoporosis paper felled by concerns with “scientific integrity”

The Retraction Watch Leaderboard

Who has the most retractions? Here’s our unofficial list (see notes on methodology), which we’ll update as more information comes to light: Yoshitaka Fujii (total retractions: 183) See also: Final report of investigating committee, our reporting, additional coverage Joachim Boldt (97) See also: Editors-in-chief statement, our coverage Yoshihiro Sato (82) See also: our coverage Jun … Continue reading The Retraction Watch Leaderboard