Invite us to speak

We are always happy to speak to classes, departments, groups, and at conferences about retractions and related issues. Typical talk titles include “Retractions: On the Rise, But Not Enough” and “How University Rankings and Bibliometrics Encourage Bad Science.” If you are interested in extending such an invitation, here are some considerations:

  • For any in-person appearances, we require reasonable travel and accommodation expenses. For budgeting purposes, we are based in New York City.
  • Because our work requires resources – and our principals remain volunteers, for whom travel for speaking opportunities requires taking vacation days from our regular jobs – we prioritize speaking engagements that can provide an honorarium or other fee. Typically these range from $500 to $2,500, with the lower end for virtual talks. Our preference is to have them paid directly to our nonprofit, but if need be they can be paid to us individually so that we can donate them. We are happy to speak to more than one group in a particular location so that they can pool resources. 
  • We are able to give a limited number of presentations without a fee, and will prioritize small nonprofits whose missions align with ours.

For more information, please email