We missed one: Make that two retractions for Dirk Smeesters

Earlier today, we reported on what we thought was the first retraction to appear for Dirk Smeesters, who we noted was “the former Erasmus University social psychology professor investigated for serious irregularities in his work.” It turns out, however, as a Retraction Watch tipster told us, that another retraction had already been published.

The notice appeared in the August 2012 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research:

The article “The Effects of Messiness on Preferences for Simplicity,” by Jia (Elke) Liu, Dirk Smeesters, and Debra Trampe, which appeared in the June 2012 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research (vol. 39, no. 1), has been retracted. We apologize for any problems that the publication of this article may have caused.

The paper was one of those highlighted by Job van Wolferen as having been the subject of scrutiny by Smeesters’ former employer, Erasmus University. (Hat tip, SF.) It was not one of the two that Erasmus originally said would be retracted, however.

Accessing the frankly unhelpful JCR notice — given what we know about this case, why not include some information, like the notice for Smeesters’ other retraction so far did? — will set you back $14, by the way. Thanks, JSTOR.

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