Misconduct, failure to supervise earn researchers years-long funding bans

Two professors and two former graduate students are banned from funding by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) following findings by Nagoya University of misconduct and lack of supervision.

As we reported last month, Nagoya found that Yuuta Yano, a graduate student in Kenichiro Itami’s lab, had forged large swaths of data and had thrown away lab notebooks to escape detection. Itami, along with Hideto Ito, had asked for an investigation into the team’s work after retracting papers in Nature and ACS Applied Nano Materials on which Yano was an author.

Yano is banned from JSPS funding for seven years, while former graduate student Mizuho Uryu is banned for four years. Itami and Ito are both banned for three years.

JSPS is a major funder of research in Japan, with a ¥267.8 billion ($2.2 billion USD) budget in 2021.

The group is up to three retractions and one correction.

Hat tip: Lemonstoism, author of World Fluctuation Watch

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