Retraction Watch Database User Guide Appendix D: Changes

Date of ChangeFieldChangeReason
 7/13/2020 Reasonsadd: Transfer of Copyright/Ownership To indicate when a retraction is made solely for a change in copyright or ownership of material. Commonly seen when books/journals change or when copyright reverts back to the authors. Does NOT refer to disputes/violations in ownership or copyright.
 10/2/2020 Reasons Removed “Prior” from Cited Prior Retracted Work; Changed “Cited” to “Cites”Articles are removed when cited works are later retracted. The word “Prior” is thus misleading, and there are not enough to create a new reason. Appendix B updated 2/8/2021
 1/4/2021 Reasons Added new reason: “Duplicate Publication through Error by Journal/Publisher”To differentiate Journal/Publisher-caused dual publication of an article from dual submission of article by the authors. NOTE: Changes are being made in the entries at this time. Will note when completed. NOTE: Completed 1/31/2021; Appendix B updated 2/8/2021.
 2/8/2021 Article Type Changed “Newspaper/Magazine” to “Trade Magazine”More reflective of the nature of publications included in the database. Appendix C updated to reflect change
 2/8/2021 Reasons Updated Appendix B
-Lack of IRB/IACUC Approval
-Withdrawn to Publish in Different Journal
-Transfer of Copyright/Ownership
-Lack Of Balance/Bias Issues
-Lack of IRB/IACUC Approval definition includes a notation for prior to study initiation, or the failure to provide proof of approval
-Withdrawn to Publish in Different Journal: definition added
-Transfer of Copyright/Ownership: definition added
-Lack Of Balance/Bias Issues: Changed to Bias Issues or Lack of Balance for clarity
 2/16/2021 Reasons Added “Rogue Editor”Applies to fraudulent editor (i.e. non-existent or with false credential); applies to those lists as “Guest Editor” as well; Appendix B updated
 2/16/2021  Reasons Added “Paper Mill”For papers believed or known to have been produced by a Paper Mill; Appendix B updated
4/20/2021ReasonsAdded “Original Data not provided”When the original data is not made available for review by editorial staff; Appendix B updated.
6/29/2021ReasonsAdded “Withdrawn (out of date)”For articles retracted as part of the journal’s normal process of keeping guidelines or reviews current. Appendix B updated 6/30/2021
7/27/2021Article TypeAdded “Revision”When the original article is updated and the new version is given its own doi. Not to be confused with “Retract and Replace,” which are generally associated with significant errors in the original article.
10/21/2021ReasonsAdded Randomly Generated ContentWhen an article is has sections of text or data that was created via a randomizing algorithm such as Mathgen or Scigen
2/24/2022Search PageChange in the number of search returnsSearch return limited to 50 entries
2/24/2022Nature of NoticeAddition of notice type: ReinstatementFor cases where the DOI of the original and replacement paper are the same. Avoids the replacement article being tagged as retracted in 3rd-party programs.
1/23/2023Subjectadditionof new subject: (B/T) Data ScienceTo apply to the application of computer science, statistics and/or mathematical sciences to datasets to ascertain their meaning/significance
4/24/2023Reasonsaddition of Concerns/Issues about Human Subject Welfare and Concerns/Issues about Animal Welfareto address concerns as to the ethical treatment of case or study subjects
5/8/2023Reasonsaddition of “EOC Lifted”to be used when an Expression of Concern removed or is no longer considered applicable
6/7/2023Reasons Page on blogsiteTaken from Dissertation/ThesisDefinition added to the “Reasons” blogpage;
6/7/2023ReasonsConcerns/Issues with Peer ReviewFor when Peer Review has not been performed, or questions about how well it has been perfomed is mentioned as part of the retraction.