Psychology journal editor has seven articles retracted for duplication or plagiarism

ejopThe editor of a psychology journal has had seven papers in a different psychology journal retracted, for either plagiarism or duplication, although the notices are vague.

Here are the seven articles by Paraskevi Theofilou, editor of Health Psychology Research, in Europe’s Journal of Psychology:

All of the notices say the same thing:

This article has been retracted due to violating Good Publication Practice and not complying to EJOPS’s/PsychOpen’s Ethical Guidelines on plagiarism and redundant or concurrent Publication.

Theofilou tells us that the journal might reconsider their position, but a message from the editor she forwarded us suggests that’s unlikely:

We welcome your response, meanwhile, due to the conclusive nature of the comparison with previous work, in what we are concerned, the articles will be retracted until contrary evidence is offered.

We’ve asked the editor of the journal for comment, and will update with anything we learn.

Hat tip: Rolf Degen

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