Editor of another journal where Wagers and Mayack published an abstract is monitoring the situation

Yesterday, we noted that Amy Wagers and Shane Mayack have published five papers together. One of those, published earlier this year in Nature, was retracted Wednesday, and another is now the subject of a “notice of concern” from Blood.

We wanted to find out about some of the other papers published by Wagers and Mayack, so we contacted the editor of Developmental Biology, which published one of them. They have not heard from Wagers or Harvard, but are monitoring developments, according to editor in chief Robb Krumlauf:

We are aware of the retraction and notice of concern for the Nature and Blood articles.  The reference you note published in Developmental Biology is an abstract published from the proceedings of the recent Annual Society for Developmental Biology meeting. The abstract was for a poster presentation. These abstracts and materials for the meeting are collated by the Society and published by the journal. Poster Abstracts do not undergo an external review process used for normal manuscripts, reviews and other works published by the journal. To date we have not been contacted by any of the authors or Harvard University, expressing concern about the abstract. We intend to monitor the matter closely and take issues like this very seriously. I hope this provides you with the relevant information.

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