No academic post for fraudster Diederik Stapel, after all

Diederik Stapel

Recently, we reported that social psychologist and renowned data faker Diederik Stapel had found himself a new gig supporting research at a vocational university in the Netherlands — but it appears that was short-lived.

According to multiple news reports, NHTV Breda will not be employing Stapel, after all.

Here’s our Google translate of a portion from De Telegraaf:

[Stapel’s] work at the NHTV have been terminated after one week. This was announced by the Breda college Tuesday.

And this from NOS:

The social psychologist Diederik Stapel do not get a second chance at the College of Tourism and Transport in Breda (NHTV).

Staff and the MR have too many objections to the appointment of the controversial scientist. Therefore, the school decides to reverse the appointment…

Omroep Brabant includes Stapel’s reaction to the news:

[Stapel] himself said Tuesday on Radio 1 that he was sad about the quick dismissal. “I was pleased with the new job…”

Stapel’s last academic appointment at Fontys Academy in Tilburg in 2014 was short-lived; he resigned around the same time he admitted sock puppetry in comments here at Retraction Watch.

Stapel has retracted dozens of papers, settled with Dutch prosecutors and agreed to 120 hours of community service, after resigning from Tilburg University and relinquishing his PhD.

Update 9/14/16 9:35 a.m. eastern: We’ve received a press release from NHTV about the announcement; here’s an excerpt, according to our Google translate:

At the request of the Participation Council to reconsider the cooperation of the Executive Board of the university decided to terminate the cooperation with him.

Although the Board has formally acted correctly, the Participation Council, the Executive convinced that with many employees within the university insufficient confidence in the collaboration. The cooperation is not productive, and therefore it was decided the consulting agreement no further effect.

Hat tip: Stephen Buranyi

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13 thoughts on “No academic post for fraudster Diederik Stapel, after all”

    1. We know what his knowledge and experience are in. Now he is learning that choices have consequences. No one to blame except the face in the mirror.

  1. This is the proper decision by the College of Tourism and Transport in Breda (NHTV).

    Usually not good policy to give to the sly fox the duties to guard the henhouse.

  2. All the sanctimonious posturing here and elsewhere. Hands/mouths dripping with blood, having got his/her pound of flesh …

    Remember: ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone’

    Who among you then, can cast the first stone? Anyone?

    1. Those who make it their business to theorize (and theologize) about “sin”, and have a professional interest in quoting that particular cautionary saying, also have elucidated the notion of “a near occasion of sin”. I am not such a professional, but it seems to me that they, while fully endorsing that saying, would want everyone involved to think twice before placing even the most reformed and penitent of sinners into a position where the temptation to again commit the sin—and, no doubt worse, to seduceinstruct others in its commission—is intrinsic (even, defining!) of the position.

      Of course there have been many examples in the news where just such experts apparently did not think twice; that doesn’t make it any less desirable that they should do so. But perhaps you have another cautionary saying or two for our consideration?

  3. Stapel is working in an addiction clinic?

    Well, so long as he is in a purely clinical or administrative role and isn’t involved in research in any way, maybe that’s no bad thing.

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