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logoBenevolent readers: As we’ve noted many times, since August of 2010 when we launched Retraction Watch, you’ve showed us plenty of love, for which we are ever grateful. Your encouragement, story tips, and critiques are what make the site what it is. It’s great to know that we are providing you with a valuable source of information that has helped focus public attention on scientific misconduct and the process of self-correction.

Now, on this Giving Tuesday, we’re hoping some of you will consider making tax-deductible charitable contributions to The Center For Scientific Integrity, the 501(c)3 parent organization of Retraction Watch. Please consider supporting our blog financially by becoming a paying subscriber at a modest level (or, if the spirit moves you, at an immodest level — we’ll take that, too!).

As our readers know, we have been fortunate to have the generous support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. That funding has allowed us to hire staff and begin to build our database. But there are always more projects we’d like to undertake so that we can offer more to the Retraction Watch community. Here’s some of what we’d like to do this coming year, in response to requests from readers:

  • A weekly podcast
  • An option for curated daily and weekly emails that contain links to interesting reads elsewhere, in addition to our current automated email whenever a new post is published
  • Longer-term investigations

All of that requires funding, so we hope you’ll consider giving generously.

Important to note: Our intention and plan is that, and our database, will remain freely available to the public. Open access to information about scientific corrections and retractions is part of our ethos. Becoming a supporting member of our community by contributing financially is not required to continue to read our coverage. But we certainly appreciate any and all contributions, whether they go into our story tip jar or our cash tip jar.

Ready to help? Please subscribe here — and thanks!

(And if you’d rather mail a check, scroll down for instructions.)


$25 a year for “doctoral student”-level support

$100 a year for “PI”-level support
(you get a Retraction Watch T-Shirt!)

Want to bundle for your whole lab?
Make a one-time contribution?
Or express your commitment more strongly?
Be our guest:


If you’d prefer to send a check, please make it out to “The Center For Scientific Integrity” and mail to:

Ivan Oransky
560 W. 43rd St. Apt. 20E
New York, NY 10036

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