Meet the new Retraction Watch staff writer, Shannon Palus

Shannon Palus
Shannon Palus

Retraction Watch readers, please join us in welcoming Shannon Palus to our team.

Palus, who has written for Discover, Slate, The Atlantic, and a host of other publications, joined us last week. She has a B.Sc. in physics, with a minor in anthropology, from McGill, where she worked at The McGill Daily. Since graduating, she’s worked as an intern at Idaho National Lab and as a fact-checker for publications including Popular Science.

It was Palus’s eye as a fact-checker, along with her passion for truth-seeking and digging, that convinced us she was perfect for Retraction Watch. She writes:

I know what’s easy to get wrong—names, dates, and all the rest. I’m quick to pick up the phone when I’m feeling unsure about a detail. But mostly, I know how easy it is to make a mistake, because I have seen so many of them.

Palus’s hiring is thanks to the generosity of the MacArthur Foundation. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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