Non-renewable resource: Fuel yanks paper for duplication

fuel30420Fuel, an Elsevier title, has pulled an article on coal pollution because the authors took much of the work from an earlier paper of theirs in another journal.

The article, “Co-firing of coal and biomass: Development of a conceptual model for ash formation prediction,” was published in September by a group from Australia and The Netherlands.

According to the notice:

This article has been retracted at the request of the Authors.

This article bears substantial similarity to the authors’ own earlier published paper: Development of a modeling approach to predict ash formation during co-firing of coal and biomass V. Doshi, H.B. Vuthaluru, R. Korbee, J.H.A. Kiel. Fuel Processing Technology, Volume 90, Issue 9, September 2009, Pages 1148–1156 DOI:

The Authors deeply regret any inconvenience caused to the scientific community and are in the process of preparing a paper with new data.



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