Weekend reads: Problems with a Science paper, how to cite properly (and improperly)

booksAnother super-busy week at Retraction Watch. Here’s what was happening in around the web in scientific publishing, misconduct, and related issues:

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5 thoughts on “Weekend reads: Problems with a Science paper, how to cite properly (and improperly)”

  1. These are all extremely important stories and other blogs and web-sites not referenced will also show great revolution and commotion in science. These are extremey challenging times for scientists, editors and publishers, and so many aspects are changing and evolving faster than many scientists are able to cope with. Scientists can no longer only focus on doing their experiments and publshing their papers. They are the rope in the publishing tug-of-war. The rapid and evolving implementaton of new, and sometimes radical rules, is irreversibly changing the publishing landscape, possibly even destroying it, I believe. Each party is trying to set up something more original than the other, almost in a competitive rage to see who can be most original in the race to adaptation. But surely excessive adaptation, like mutations, can be lethal? The Nature requirements to sign over “moral” rights has got to be the biggest laugh, and stomache ache, of this morning. Once you strip the intellectual, proprietary, economic and then moral / ethical rights from an author, what does that leave you with? A skeleton.

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