Five more retractions appear for Shigeaki Kato

katoShigeaki Kato, the former University of Tokyo endocrinology researcher who resigned in 2012 and has retracted at least ten papers, by our count, has five more retractions.

Here are the papers, all in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC):

Despite the investigations, unfortunately, as we have often sees at the JBC, the notices are scant, all saying simply:

This article has been withdrawn by the authors.

This isn’t likely the last you’ll hear of Kato on Retraction Watch. Five of his papers are subject to an expression of concern, and a University of Tokyo panel recommended that 43 of his papers be retracted.

One thought on “Five more retractions appear for Shigeaki Kato”

  1. Thanks to “DK” for recently linking to the Tokyo U results on an earlier Kato entry.

    “Tokyo University released the Interim Report on Kato Lab on Dec 26, 2013.”

    Tokyo took their time but have been commendably thorough. An awesome list of damaged figures is in the appendix.

    Relief in the chromatin field at the recent retraction of the 2009 Nature GlcNAcylation paper may be tempered by the fact that the 2011 one is not on the threatened list despite building upon it and sharing the same first (and last) author. But then perhaps coauthoring US PIs RG Roeder and M Brown, who provided “support and general guidance” (Contributions text), have had time to redo key Kato lab experiments and are fully prepared to stand by the conclusions of the paper?

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