The top 10 retractions of 2013

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One unplanned 2013 highlight: We showed up to a meeting wearing the same shirt

No question, 2013 has been a busy year at Retraction Watch. And no wonder: There have been more than 500 retractions in the scientific literature, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge. We’ve posted roughly that many times, and had more than five million pageviews (thank you!).

So, to send 2013 off with a bang, The Scientist asked us to come up with our top ten retractions of the year. Here’s our list. Add your own, in comments on that post, or here.

Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “The top 10 retractions of 2013”

  1. Readers,
    In my opinion, top of the list of papers that should be retracted in 2014 is the University of Sydney Charles Perkins Centre’s infamous Australian Paradox paper:
    How long will the University of Sydney and its fledgling Charles Perkins Centre continue to defend this paper?

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