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Physicists with retraction for a “pattern that was unphysical” lose another for manipulation

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journal of applied physicsIn September, we wrote about the retraction of a physics paper for “a pattern that was unphysical.”

The team, whose first author, R.K. Singhal refused to sign the notice, has had another paper retracted, this one in the Journal of Applied Physics. Here’s the notice for “Study of electronic structure and magnetization correlations in hydrogenated and vacuum annealed Ni doped ZnO:”

Subsequent to publication of the above article, was discovered that the data involving the Ni 2 XPS spectra shown in the inset in Figure 4 appeared to have been manipulated, and as a consequence, the results presented should not be relied upon and may be scientifically unsound.

AIP Publishing LLC therefore retracts this article.

The paper has been cited three times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge.

Update, 11 a.m. Eastern, 6/26/14: A commenter points out that this is actually the third retraction for this group. Here was the second.