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JCI retracts 10-year-old cancer study because figures were “intentionally mislabeled”

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jci june 14The Journal of Clinical Investigation is retracting a 2004 paper by a cancer researchers from Italy because of “evident misrepresentation of data and image duplication.”

Here’s the notice for “The IL-12Rβ2 gene functions as a tumor suppressor in human B cell malignancies:”

It has come to our attention that multiple gel images in Figure 1A were inappropriately duplicated from a previous publication (Airoldi I. et al. Expression and function of IL-12 and IL-18 receptors on human tonsillar B cells. J Immunol. 2000;165(12):6880–6888) in violation of JCI editorial policy. The experimental results presented in Figure 1A were intentionally mislabeled as representing total tonsil B lymphocytes and naive, GC, and memory B cells from the same tonsil, in contrast with the sample labeling in the previous publication. The JCI editorial board is retracting this article due to the evident misrepresentation of data and image duplication. No issues have been raised in regard to any of the other data in this manuscript.

The paper has been cited 48 times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge.

Pseudonymous whistleblower Clare Francis contacted the journal about the issues in the paper in November of last year.


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