The Retraction Watch Leaderboard

Who has the most retractions? Here’s our unofficial list (see notes on methodology), which we’ll update as more information comes to light: Yoshitaka Fujii (total retractions: 183) See also: Final report of investigating committee, our reporting, additional coverage Joachim Boldt (96) See also: Editors-in-chief statement, our coverage Diederik Stapel (58) See also: our coverage Adrian Maxim … Continue reading The Retraction Watch Leaderboard

Does science need a retraction “shame list?”

A pair of engineering researchers has analyzed the work of a handful of prolific scientific fraudsters, and has concluded that science needs a “shame list” to deter future misconduct. The paper, “Analysis and Implications of Retraction Period and Coauthorship of Fraudulent Publications,” by Jong Yong Abdiel Foo and Xin Ji Alan Tan, of  Ngee Ann … Continue reading Does science need a retraction “shame list?”