The year at Retraction Watch, 2023: Whew!

Did 2023 feel like a year in which you couldn’t keep up, whether that was your to-do list, the news, or email?

We know the feeling.

Earlier this month, Nature reported that journals retracted more than 10,000 papers this year – so many, in fact, that we have not been able to enter them all into The Retraction Watch Database yet, because each one has to be reviewed by hand. It’s not unusual for us to have to keep working into the following year to catch up, but the volume this year will mean that will all take longer.

The value of that database – 45,000 retractions strong and counting – was the basis for our biggest development this year: Its acquisition by Crossref, in a deal that makes the data fully available for free, and provides us sustainable funding for the database side of our operations. We’re still pinching ourselves about that agreement, and we can’t wait to see just how many scholars, software developers, and others dream up new uses for the data.

The volume of retractions, particularly those that were high-profile, was responsible for another phenomenon you may have noticed in 2023: The mainstream media is all over them. Just do a Google News search and see for yourself. Although that fact means far more competition for scoops, we couldn’t be happier to see interest – rare in 2010 when we launched – flourish. We have, in some ways, transitioned to being a resource for other reporters, as we were in this Harvard Kennedy School Journalists’ Resource webinar. We’re delighted. 

We had a few other key accomplishments this year. A sampling:

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Thank you for all of your support. Happy New Year!

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