Weekend reads: NIH defunds Colombian monkey facility; Carlo Croce loses another court battle; ‘peer review is porous’

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6 thoughts on “Weekend reads: NIH defunds Colombian monkey facility; Carlo Croce loses another court battle; ‘peer review is porous’”

  1. The linked court document on the latest Carlos Croce lawsuit dismissal had some interesting and disturbing “factual allegations” construed in plaintiff Croce’s favor: Croce was the subject of a defamatory article in the New York Times by James Glanz, yet I recall coverage here in RW that Glanz and NYT were ruled not to have defamed Croce.

    1. That’s explained in the first paragraph:

      “A motion for judgment on the pleadings “presents only questions of law…” and “The standard for a motion for
      judgment on the pleadings… “is similar to the standard for evaluating a… motion to dismiss.”

      Here, the court first assumes that the plaintiff’s statements of facts are all true – and then assesses whether they would win the case if they could prove those facts. Here they determined, Croce would lose, even if those “facts” were proven, and so approved the Defendant’s motion.

  2. Surely others have already requested this, but would it be possible to add a sign to those news items that require registration before we can read anything? I enjoy going through your roundup but don’t like to waste time on registering….

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