Weekend reads: Academic fraud factories; zombie science; ‘Silicon Valley’s new obsession’

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The week at Retraction Watch featured:

Our list of retracted or withdrawn COVID-19 papers is up to 207. There are now more than 32,000 retractions in our database — which now powers retraction alerts in EndNotePapers, and Zotero. And have you seen our leaderboard of authors with the most retractions lately — or our list of top 10 most highly cited retracted papers?

Here’s what was happening elsewhere (some of these items may be paywalled, metered access, or require free registration to read):

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6 thoughts on “Weekend reads: Academic fraud factories; zombie science; ‘Silicon Valley’s new obsession’”

  1. Although I’m a fan of RW and I think it’s a net positive overall, could the RW founders write an article self-reflecting on their role in cancel culture and the damage they have done to scientific discourse?


      1. By reporting on cases where papers are cancelled for dubious reasons and maintaining a comments section where diverse viewpoints are presented, RW ensures that no one knows about cancelled papers and dissenting views are ruthlessly suppressed.

    1. Pleaser define “cancel culture” in a coherent way that isn’t just barfing up talking points from assorting right-wing media outlets.

  2. Good to see the unjust charges against Gang Chen dropped, but I hope he will be leaving America. The American empire is the greatest enemy humanity has ever seen, and science is no objection.

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