Weekend reads: How COVID-19 has changed publications; peer review and women; is ‘manuscript recycling’ OK?

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The week at Retraction Watch featured:

Our list of retracted or withdrawn COVID-19 papers is up to 74.

Here’s what was happening elsewhere (some of these items may be paywalled, metered access, or require free registration to read):

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5 thoughts on “Weekend reads: How COVID-19 has changed publications; peer review and women; is ‘manuscript recycling’ OK?”

  1. Is there any news about the investigation of Jonathan Pruitt by McMaster University (or by his former employers UC Santa Barbara and Pitt)? The scandal is a year old. Pruitt is squatting in a lucrative, high-profile research chair that appears to have been offered to him based in part on qualifications that may have been faked. Shouldn’t there be some resolution of that situation by now?

    1. If only, Mike, you were as obsessed with correcting the wrongs of faculty advancement due to fabricated papers on the other end—> those who got jobs or tenure due to someone else’s fake data.

      No I don’t think they should be caned, but Pruitt should be caned until he drops. I’m not one to storm our nation’s capitol, but I am not beyond caning a corrupt faculty member, especially if I get vacation time and 401 K benefits. I probably would not be thinking this way if I had just lost my perma-doc position, so perhaps this can serve as a model to understand the mindset of those who stormed the Capitol.

        1. Indeed! Let the people who actually do the hard work (grad students, post docs) overthrow those lazy inept faculty and actually get the benefits we deserve (good pay, job security). Lets see, let me log onto 4-chan and start my movement, and I’ll make my gloved hand with a pipetteman my avatar! We are coming after you and your imbecilic coterie of faculty elites with our bamboo canes, Mike….

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