Journal that published paper about a black hole at the center of Earth sinks into the void at a leading government database

A black hole, not at the center of the Earth (via Wikimedia)

The Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, which retracted five papers recently, including one claiming that there was a black hole at the center of Earth, will no longer be indexed in a heavily used U.S. government database of journals.

According to the journal’s index page at PubMed Central (PMC), part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “The journal no longer participates in PMC.” Volumes of the journal from 2019 and earlier will remain.

Mirko Spiroski, the founding editor of the journal, did not respond to a request for comment.

When it retracted the five articles in September, the journal wrote:

An internal investigation has raised sufficient evidence that they are not directly connected with the special issue Global Dermatology and contain inconsistent results. Several co-authors requested to be excluded from the author list.

What indirect connections are there between black holes, “A Mathematical Model for the Signal of Death and Emergence of Mind Out of Brain in Izhikevich Neuron Model,” and dermatology?  Your guess is as good as ours. The papers were retracted after a reporter at VICE — which had been looking into a ring of authors that included some of the authors — called to ask questions.

Authors often use indexing status to decide where to submit manuscripts, because some funding agencies and universities require that researchers publish in indexed journals. The NLM has delisted journals from PubMed Central before after reviewing whether the titles were living up to  PMC’s indexing criteria. Those criteria are less strict than those used for the NLM’s Medline. They also often lead to confusion — which journals listed in PubMed Central sometimes do nothing to avoid — because they are both NLM offerings.

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7 thoughts on “Journal that published paper about a black hole at the center of Earth sinks into the void at a leading government database”

  1. Those criteria are less strict than those used for the NLM’s Medline.

    Indeed. Any journal from “Iris Publisher” is predatory and fraudulent, yet there it is — Online Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, with the aptly-titled “Cancer Niche as a Garbage Disposal Machine: Implications of TCM-Mediated Balance of Body- Disease for Treatment of Cancer”.

  2. Surely If The Core Of The Earth Was Removed We Would Shatter And Fall To Pieces. At Some Point In Time The Essence Of The Core Attracted All That Is Contrary To Where The Planet Came From Weather It’s A Dead Hole Or Alive Hole. A Defunct Black Hole That Never Had Properly Materialized It Still Hostile This Core And Something You Would Not Want To Get Close To. It Would Surely And Quickly Make Light Of You. Maybe Someone Dreamed Up A Nightmare But It’s Still A Frightening Scenario Something The Government Would Want To Put In The Back Burner. Has Someone Gone To Far Or Are We Hot Butterflies Is A Mystery As Old As The Universe. Why Such Interest What Would It Really Mean The Making And Construction Of A Planets Actually Being Is Something To Be Scrutinized. Facts Or Fantasy!

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