Weekend reads: The fate of fraudsters; TV doctors sting a predatory journal; best paper title ever?

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The week at Retraction Watch featured:

Our list of retracted or withdrawn COVID-19 papers is up to 31.

Here’s what was happening elsewhere:

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2 thoughts on “Weekend reads: The fate of fraudsters; TV doctors sting a predatory journal; best paper title ever?”

  1. On brilliant stings of predatory journals, this Twitter thread links to a very well done paper by the tweeter and associates:


    This paper:


    “SARS-CoV-2 was Unexpectedly Deadlier than Push-scooters: Could Hydroxychloroquine be the Unique Solution?”

    It’s well worth reading the author affiliations, as well as their contributions in the full PDF. Hell – just read the whole PDF.

    1. Apparently, this article has been retracted, and the pdf is no longer available.
      “This article was retracted after reporting of serious scientific fraud.”

      Could be the fastest retraction *ever*: published on 15/08, retracted on 16/08…

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