Weekend reads: Sexism in a medical textbook; proof Reviewer 2 is a jerk; COVID-19 and research misconduct

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The week at Retraction Watch featured:

Our list of retracted or withdrawn COVID-19 papers is up to 22.

Here’s what was happening elsewhere:

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3 thoughts on “Weekend reads: Sexism in a medical textbook; proof Reviewer 2 is a jerk; COVID-19 and research misconduct”

  1. Why did Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, approve the publication of the paper which claimed that the use of hydroxychloroquine carried risks of heart problems and deaths? Given the editor’s activist and political tendencies, the paper would not have been published without greater scrutiny had he not been trying to prove the US President wrong.

    1. The Lancet should no longer be accepted as a legitimate research journal. It is an advocacy magazine. Research that did not agree with Horton’s biases would face great difficulty ever getting published. He is a disgrace to the core principles of science. He does not seek the truth, he seeks confirmation of his opinions.

  2. Sad state of affairs were now everything is seen from a racial corporatism perspective not from a science one.
    Strangely that does not happen in NBA, oil field and oil platform work, trash work, ship handling, miners and many other activities that have not been politicized because it is not useful yet or because they are discriminated by media and never appear.

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