Litigious OSU cancer researcher earns his 10th retraction

Carlo Croce

Carlo Croce, the prolific cancer researcher at The Ohio State University (OSU) with a penchant for hiring — and then losing — lawyers to sue those who displease him, has lost an 10th paper to retraction.

Croce, who in addition to the 10 retractions also has three expressions of concern and 18 corrections for his work, unsuccessfully sued the New York Times for defamation after the newspaper reported on misconduct allegations against him. He has also sued OSU — also unsuccessfully — to force them to restore him as chair of the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics. 

Apparently, Croce and his co-author thought that a correction to the newly retracted article was necessary because of “improper reuse of text from previous articles.” The journal, however, felt differently.

Here’s the notice for “The role of microRNAs in the tumorigenesis of ovarian cancer,” published in Frontiers in Oncology:

The journal retracts the June 13, 2013 article cited above.

Following publication, the authors contacted the Editorial Office to request that their article be corrected because of the inappropriate manner in which the article was written, which specifically involved improper reuse of text from previous articles. An investigation was conducted in accordance with our established procedures that confirmed the extensive and dispersed nature of the overlap; therefore, the article has been retracted.

This retraction was approved by the Chief Editors of Frontiers in Oncology and the Editor-in-Chief of Frontiers. The authors did not agree to this retraction.

The paper has been cited 77 times, according to Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Knowledge.

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