Psychiatrist who stole grant funds also engaged in research misconduct, says ORI

Alexander Neumeister. Source: Yale School of Medicine

Retraction Watch readers may recall the name Alexander Neumeister.

In 2016, The New York Times reported on his dismissal from the New York University School of Medicine following claims of misconduct in a trial Neumeister was running.

A lot has happened in the case since, including embezzlement charges for which he pleaded guilty. Now, the U.S. Office of Research Integrity has found that Neumeister also committed research misconduct.

Our Ivan Oransky, along with Ellie Kincaid, who interviewed Neumeister, has the story over at Medscape.

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One thought on “Psychiatrist who stole grant funds also engaged in research misconduct, says ORI”

  1. His defense is…interesting. He needed watchdogs to make sure he didn’t break the oh-so-complex regulations; I guess he never realized he wasn’t supposed to use grant money to fly friends in to visit him or buy presents for his family. Someone should have told him.

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