Weekend reads: A costly code glitch; sparks fly over a heart trial; cancer researcher faced five investigations

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The week at Retraction Watch featured:

Here’s what was happening elsewhere:

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4 thoughts on “Weekend reads: A costly code glitch; sparks fly over a heart trial; cancer researcher faced five investigations”

  1. Re the paper on the dearth of information concerning research integrity officers on French university websites, I am surprised that this passed peer review as a “research” article. It is clearly an opinion piece, with some useful data supporting the author’s opinion. There are many assertions that are not backed by the original data or citations to other work.

    Note: I happen to agree with the author’s opinion.


  2. The Nobel committee cited a number of key publications, and the first paper from Ratcliffe that is cited is one from 1999. I thus wonder how much that 1992 paper really is “for work that shared this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology.”

  3. ”A detailed retraction from The EMBO Journal”

    That is an impressively forthright description of the issues with the article and the dual investigations by the university and journal. But 13 years!

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