Authors have papers in Nature and Science retracted on the same day

Steve Jackson

A University of Cambridge researcher — Steve Jackson —  and a former researcher at the University of Bristol — Abderrahmane Kaidi — have accomplished a two-fer: Retracting a paper in Nature, and one in Science, on the same day.

In September of last year, the BBC reported that Kaidi was resigning “after admitting that he fabricated his research.” The Times reported that “Dr Kaidi’s admission came during a separate inquiry into complaints about his treatment of colleagues.” The university told the BBC at the time:

The fabricated data was not intended for publication and will not be published.

No specific concerns were raised in the investigation about other publications during Dr Kaidi’s time at the University of Bristol.

The University of Cambridge, however, seems to have felt differently about work Kaidi did in collaboration with Jackson at Cambridge and published in Science 2010. Jackson was corresponding author of both now-retracted papers, while Kaidi was first author of both.

Hundreds of citations

The Science paper — which earned an expression of concern in September — has been cited 240 times, according to Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science. Its retraction notice reads:

After an investigation, the University of Cambridge has concluded that there was falsification of research data used in the Report “Human SIRT6 promotes DNA end resection through CtIP deacetylation” (1), which was the subject of an Editorial Expression of Concern in September 2018 (2). The investigation concluded that the first author, Abderrahmane Kaidi, was responsible for the falsification of the data. In agreement with the recommendation of the investigation, the authors are retracting the Report.

The Nature paper, “KAT5 tyrosine phosphorylation couples chromatin sensing to ATM signalling,” has been cited 119 times. Its retraction notice reads:

The authors are retracting this Article to correct the scientific literature, owing to issues with figure presentation and underlying data. The authors cannot confirm the results in the affected figures and thus wish to retract the Article in its entirety. Both authors, Abderrahmane Kaidi and Stephen P. Jackson, agree with the Retraction.

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7 thoughts on “Authors have papers in Nature and Science retracted on the same day”

  1. Two big, highly cited papers…. gone. And will there be any repercussions for for either Abderrahmane or Stephen (besides Kaidi resigning to avoid the investigation)?
    Will Kidis funding and awards be returned/stripped?
    And will we learn details of HOW this was allowed to happen, twice?
    Seems something is seriously wrong in such a large well funded group, if this can occur, twice.
    And its not like they came forward, this was uncovered.

  2. I love that! “the fabricated data was not intended for publication…..”

    The what was it intended for? A grant application? Well, that’s OK then. /s

    1. Well, fabricated data could be useful for developing analysis methods, for example. Though in that case one would usually call the data ‘simulated’ rather than ‘fabricated’…

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