“Unusual aspects” of a figure — aka a cartoon of Trump’s face in baboon feces — disappear from a journal

“In the original version of this Article, there were unusual aspects to the ‘Extract fecal DNA’ illustration in figure 1. These features have been removed.”

With those 25 words, “one of the greatest scientific Easter eggs in a long time” or an image that was “highly unethical,” depending on your point of view, disappeared from a paper from Scientific Reports.

That image with “unusual aspects,” as Retraction Watch readers may recall, seemed to contain a likeness of Donald Trump’s face in a cartoon of baboon feces. The paper was originally published in January 2018, then earned an editor’s note on December 14, and removal of the image on December 19.

Hat tip: Bernd Pulverer

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3 thoughts on ““Unusual aspects” of a figure — aka a cartoon of Trump’s face in baboon feces — disappear from a journal”

  1. Retract that piece of crap, the whole thing, not just the turd. Sick of taxpayer money going for “research,” er, crap. BTW who gives a crap about baboon crap? You think of baboon crap all day long?

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