Meet our new staff writer, Andrew P. Han

Andrew P. Han

Please welcome Andrew P. Han, the newest addition to the Retraction Watch team.

Andy comes to Retraction Watch and the Center for Scientific Integrity from GenomeWeb, where he covered the explosion of CRISPR/Cas9 into the research and biotech scene over the last several years. He has also freelanced for, Popular, Newsweek, and Food & Wine. 

Andy’s beat at Retraction Watch will of course be retractions, but he’ll also be helping us broaden our coverage of the intersection between scientific misconduct at the law — so if you have court documents or stories, send them along.

Andy studied astronomy and the history of science at Dartmouth College and science journalism at New York University, where he first met co-founder Ivan Oransky. Adam Marcus was also a guest lecturer in Ivan’s class that year.

He’s based in Brooklyn, NY. Check him out on his Twitter account, @hanandrewp and at his website.

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6 thoughts on “Meet our new staff writer, Andrew P. Han”

  1. Wonderful addition. The relationship between unretracted bogus science in medical journals (run by “nonprofit” medical associations who contract w/gov to set policies) and the high-paid bogus expert witness opinions to which the compromised journals give fake credibility in the courts — is a subject that needs an assigned journalist. Can’t wait to see what Mr. Han writes. The source material should be endless!

  2. Congratulations. Your history background will be useful in in this job re deconstructing discourses of power. Astronomy is also potentially useful in looking at the big picture???? Or very, very old history??? It is all grist for this mill you have taken on. We are glad to have you.

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