Here are the top 10 most highly cited retracted papers, ranked

RWEver wondered which retracted papers had the biggest impact on their fields?

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most highly cited retracted papers. Note that many papers — including the #1 most cited paper — received more citations after they were retracted, which research has shown is an ongoing problem.

Readers will see some familiar entries, such as the infamous Lancet paper by Andrew Wakefield that originally suggested a link between autism and childhood vaccines. There’s also Olivier Voinnet, a well-known biologist who had a rocky 2015, issuing multiple corrections and retractions.

Nearly half of the list comes from papers retracted in 2015, including a BMC Evolutionary Biology retraction after an author refused to make his software available to countries that are friendly to immigrants.

As always, we will update the list as more information comes to light.

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7 thoughts on “Here are the top 10 most highly cited retracted papers, ranked”

  1. Error in the posted link:

    “received more retractions after they were retracted” is likely “received more citations after they were retracted”

  2. I’m really curious as to why retracted papers posted on this website are so heavily biased to the medical and biological sciences. Are there truly more dishonest people in these disciplines versus, say, earth sciences, chemistry or physics, or mathematics?

  3. @Len, there is so much more money in a Medical discovery. I would speculate that this does not create an excess of honesty.

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