Weekend reads: Backstabbing; plagiarism irony; preprints to the rescue

booksThe week at Retraction Watch featured a call for the retraction of a paper in NEJM, and a withdrawal of a paper because authors couldn’t pay the page charges. Here’s what was happening elsewhere:

2 thoughts on “Weekend reads: Backstabbing; plagiarism irony; preprints to the rescue”

  1. Interesting developments in the Kumar Case. He is seeking damages for actions that resulted from the outcome of a research misconduct investigation. Without actually contesting the details of the investigation (which Kumar claims was “botched”), GWU responded that they should be immune from liability because their misconduct policy is a federal requirement of all grantee institutions. Kumar’s latest brief provides a counterargument to this point supported by some case law and decisions. The eventual outcome of this case could have broad ramifications.

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