Weekend reads: “Plagiarism is for losers;” the retraction war; a step back for science in 2014

booksWelcome to our last Weekend Reads of 2014. This week featured our second annual Top 10 Retractions list. Here’s what was happening elsewhere:

One thought on “Weekend reads: “Plagiarism is for losers;” the retraction war; a step back for science in 2014”

  1. 1. Science is broken. No doubt about that. And retractions, errata and expressions of concern are only in a nascent phase.
    2. 2014 was only the beginning of the war in, and on, science. This is going to get worse as PubMed Commons gains traction, PubPeer gets an increase in traffic and as RW builds its long-awaited retraction data-base.
    3. Those who are “living it up” in science are clearly alien to its conflicts. Their role in science needs to be questioned because scientists now have two clear duties (the second was always downplayed, or a relatively non-proactive role until now): a) to work for science and b) to defend its integrity.
    4. To me, the most significant document to have been published was the change to ICMJE’s ethical stance regarding authorship responsibilities. MY views on this elsewhere at RW:
    5. And in my field, plant science, there is still great resistance to post-publication peer review, despite some inroads having been made, thanks to RW and PubPeer, which allow for public awareness of the problem:
    6. Despite the frictions, conflicts and risks, 2015 promises to be a make or break year, I predict, for science integrity.

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