PubPeer Selections: Sniffing at a dog poop paper; how grants should be distributed

Here’s another installment of PubPeer Selections:pubpeer

8 thoughts on “PubPeer Selections: Sniffing at a dog poop paper; how grants should be distributed”

  1. Related to the grant distribution issue: the Brain Initiative grant recipients were announced today

    Although not in life sciences, I follow the field as someone with depression who hopes at some point there will be some significant developments in this area (even as a side benefit of other research). I can only hope the method for selecting these grant recipients performs better than the “random” baseline :).

  2. Commenters are sniffing around a paper about whether dogs’ poop habits change with the Earth’s magnetic field.

    I read that paper and assumed it was a tribute to the pioneering research into magnetotaxy in humans conducted by Lucius Shepard, as described in his documentary “Green Eyes”.

    Three things I learned from it:
    1. Magnetoception is present in every species that the Czech group have examined.
    2. One male Borzoi can piddle six times as often as all the other dogs combined.
    3. A dog can be fooled into thinking that a wire-frame parasol is providing it some privacy.

  3. 4th story: In the “Cancer Biology Reproductibility Project” link, it says that “The study results will be published piecemeal in PLoS ONE; Iorns expects that they will all be done by September 2014.”
    It seems that the project is not going at the expected speed…

    Reading the reply given by the authors at pubpeer, where they provide an explanation that does not fit the published data, I do not expect that all of their results will be reproduced… It is curious how this article was cited 327 times. Do the people analyze the articles before citing them?

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