The case of the three retracted Penises

Marc Abrahams, of Improbable Research and the Ig Nobels, found something remarkable earlier this evening, as he is wont to do:

von-boningThat’s right, a paper written by two Penises and a von Boning. But much to Abrahams’ chagrin, he notes:

…that citation turned out to be mangled — filled with typos. Here’s the real citation [you can click on the link to get to the study, if that’s your idea of a good time]:

C Perris, W A Arrindell, H Perris,M Eisemann, J van der Ende,and L von Knorring, Perceived depriving parental rearing and depression. BJP February 1986 148:170-5;

Abrahams got as excited as a…lepton when he found another Penis in the literature, A. Delgado Penis. But he was foiled again — or perhaps we should say Boyled again, since it was NBC News Digital’s Alan Boyle who pointed out that this too was a typo. It’s Peris.

However, Abrahams’ loss is our gain. For, dear readers, we now have the case of the three retracted Penises.

None of this should be confused with a detachable penis, however:

18 thoughts on “The case of the three retracted Penises”

  1. A literature search several years ago revealed an author named “Fuck.” I just did a Google Scholar search on the name and received 188,000 hits.

  2. King Missile is the bomb! The line about finding it on blanket next to a bunch of broken toasters is one of my favorite lyrics of all time.

    Back on topic though – this does bring up another issue… Searching for errata or corrections (e.g., on PubMed) is easy, because those words are not used very much in a scientific context, other than to indicate the correction of an article. However, searching for retractions brings up all kinds of papers about neuronal projections, retracted penises and what have you. Actually finding papers listed as retracted, is not an easy thing to so (especially of late, since PubMed is lagging behind in updating their listings).

  3. I’ve read of a ‘psychosomatic disorder’ in Malaysia (?) Nigeria (?) where a person is convinced that his penis has disappeared/been stolen.

    1. Amazing!!! And guess what, I got to the .pdf, gave it a read, also checked on the authors CVs and dissertations, and the paper seems quite honest!!

      But I will be showing to all of my friends: just too good.

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