Failure at System — systems failure? — leads to duplicate publication, retraction

systemcoverThe journal System evidently needs a new one — at least when it comes to production.

The publication has been forced to retract an article that it published twice — in the same issue.

Here’s what happened:

The publisher regrets sincerely that an error in its production office resulted in the below article appearing in this issue twice. To remedy this error, pages 522–532 from this issue have been retracted.

SYS, 40 (2012) 522–532, The duplicate article has therefore been withdrawn.

As a consequence, pages 522–532 related to the duplicate article are missing from the printed issue. The publisher sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  1. Same has happened to me in 2003. Indoor Air published our article word for word in June and then again in September. They did publish a ‘correction’, however, both articles are still on PubMed and SCOPUS.

  2. Presuming that the original article actually has worthwhile, citeable content, what are the chances someone else working in the field will find first the retraction notice without reading it, and either ignore the article, or essentially reproduce it, believing that the initial article was retracted for bad results or worse?

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