Ulrich Lichtenthaler’s co-author removed from paper

The Ulrich Lichtenthaler publication record continues to unravel.

Lichtenthaler has retracted six papers, and a frequent co-author’s name has been removed from a recent paper in the Journal of Product Innovation Management. The paper, “The Performance Implications of Dynamic Capabilities: The Case of Product Innovation,” went online on June 12 of this year. Its abstract now includes this note:

The author would like to thank the editor and anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on drafts of this paper. Holger Ernst has been removed from the author list as of 13 August 2012.

We’ve contacted Ernst to ask why his name was taken off the paper, and will update with anything we hear back.

Hat tip: Commenter “Roll”

5 thoughts on “Ulrich Lichtenthaler’s co-author removed from paper”

  1. That is a really strange move. It is particularly strange because Ernst was not only a frequent co-author, but also dissertation supervisor and mentor for the habilitation, as far as I know. Apparently he tries to attribute all responsibility to Lichtenthaler now. I wonder whether this strategy will be successful…

  2. A few weeks ago Ernst just became elected a new member of the board of the “German Academic Association for Business Research”. In his new role he will be in charge for the junior scientific staff, as this association organizates PhD workshops and special conferences for junior scientists. Can it get any more embarrassing?

  3. There is a June ET&P paper by Lichtentahler on the topic: “Technological Turbulence and the Impact of Exploration and Exploitation Within and Across Organizations on Product Development Performance”. Sounds like it uses the same dataset. Has this one been retracted as yet?

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