More on Anil Potti: Two other papers worth keeping an eye on

courtesy Duke

It’s fair to say that we haven’t heard the last of Anil Potti, the Duke cancer researcher who resigned last month following revelations that he had faked some of his results. Duke is still investigating the situation, and has also asked the Institute of Medicine to conduct its own study into the case and its ramifications.

This week, we may find out whether Nature Medicine will retract a paper that Joseph Nevins, one of Potti’s co-authors, asked the journal to withdraw last month. We’re also keeping an eye on two other papers that have already been the subject of increased scrutiny:

David Collingridge, the editor of The Lancet Oncology, tells Retraction Watch that there are no updates yet, but that the journal is in regular contact with Duke and will issue a statement as soon as there’s more to say. A spokesperson for NEJM said the journal has no plans to retract their paper.

One thought on “More on Anil Potti: Two other papers worth keeping an eye on”

  1. Also worth keeping an eye on “A genomic approach to improve prognosis and predict therapeutic response in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.” and “Age- and sex-specific genomic profiles in non-small cell lung cancer.”

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