‘Inadvertently published’ paper by pharma employee retracted almost a year later

A Takeda employee has lost a 2021 paper that the journal says it “inadvertently published.”  

The article, “Seasonal and Secular Periodicities Identified in the Dynamics of US FDA Medical Devices (1976–2020): Portends Intrinsic Industrial Transformation and Independence of Certain Crises,” appeared in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science. It has yet to be cited, according to Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science 

The retraction notice from a few days ago says, in full: 

The Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article. After publication, it came to the editor’s attention that this manuscript was inadvertently published before the peer-review process was complete. The author has been offered to submit a revised manuscript for further peer review. Iraj Daizadeh does not agree to this retraction and does not agree with the wording of this retraction.

Daizadeh’s LinkedIn profile lists his title at Takeda as “Vice President (Head) Global Regulatory Affairs, Rare Genetics and Hematology.” His profile also states that he was an associate editor for Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science from March of 2020 until this month. This retraction is his only entry in our database

The Springer Nature homepage for Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science describes it as “the official scientific journal of the Drug Information Association (DIA),” an industry group. 

Neither Daizadeh nor journal editor-in-chief Gregory W. Daniel, an employee of Eli Lilly and Company, responded to Retraction Watch’s request for comment. 

Update, 6/21/22, 1900 UTC: A DIA spokesperson told us:

We don’t have anything else to add to the retraction note at this point. The retraction note concisely summarizes the mistake that was made, stating that the paper was accidentally published before undergoing peer-review.  We’ve addressed the issue and taken steps to prevent mistakes like this in the future.

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3 thoughts on “‘Inadvertently published’ paper by pharma employee retracted almost a year later”

  1. Huh? Journal mistakenly publishes the author’s original version and then sticks the author with a retraction? Pretty sleazy behavior from the Drug Information Association.

    1. They obviously messed up in publishing something that was actually still under review, but retracting the paper was plainly what they owed their readers once they realized their mistake….

      1. That is true, but I do wonder about the wording of the retraction notice. Did the paper get published because of some administrative mistake by the journal, or was the peer-review process somehow defrauded?

        It would be strange for the author not to take action himself when he is still revising a paper and sees it being published. Did the journal tell the author that the paper was accepted, rather than send back for revision?

        This retraction notice is very vague and ambiguous to what happened and who made a mistake. The passive voice indicates that the paper has somehow spontaneously published itself while nobody was watching…

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