Slow but steady: Anesthesiology researcher with more than 100 retractions will earn two more

Ludwigshafen Hospital, via Wikimedia

Score one for responsiveness. 

In mid-May, we reported on the retraction of three review articles by Joachim Boldt, whose papers continue to fall despite his having been exposed as a fraudster a decade ago. At the time, we wondered why another journal, Anesthesia & Analgesia, hadn’t also pulled reviews by Boldt that it had published over the years.  

Now, it has. 

According to Jean-Francois Pittet, the editor-in-chief of A&A, the journal has decided to retract two of three reviews by Boldt — “New light on intravascular volume replacement regimens: What did we learn from the past three years?”, from 2003; and “Modern rapidly degradable hydroxyethyl starches: current concepts,” from 2009. According to Pittet: 

Both retractions will be published in the August or September issue of the journal. The 2003 paper has been cited 45 times, according to Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science; the 2009 article, 46 times. 

Pittet told us that a third article, “Intravascular volume replacement therapy with synthetic colloids: is there an influence on renal function,” published in 2003 remains under investigation. That article has been cited 32 times. 

The two new retractions would bring Boldt to 105, 10 ahead of Yoshihiro Sato, who holds the third spot on our leaderboard.

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One thought on “Slow but steady: Anesthesiology researcher with more than 100 retractions will earn two more”

  1. To retraction watch staff.

    Why have you contacted only A& A regarding Fraudulent HES Reviews of Boldt? In the editorial by Perner and Hartog also JCVA,EUR J Aneasthesiol and several other Journals Are listed.
    Are‘t they worth bring contacted and their responses of Interest To Readers?

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