None for all, as selfish co-author loses adhesion paper by cutting out colleagues

TASTcover 1..2Authors should stick together, right?

A materials scientist in France has learned that lesson the hard way, having been forced to retract his 2012 paper in the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology because he neglected to list any of his co-authors.

The paper, “A generalized cure model for one-part room temperature vulcanizing sealants and adhesives,” was written — ostensibly, at least — by François de Buyl, whose LinkedIn page says is a lighting engineer at Dow Corning Europe. (He worked as a materials scientist at Dow prior to that.) de Buyl is the sole author on the paper, which is why we’re reading the following notice from the journal:

This article has been retracted from publication in the journal Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology at the request of the author and the Editor. After publication, the author has become aware that co-authors of the published results had been omitted in error and as such to avoid confusion of the publishing record the author has agreed with the collaborators to retract the article.

The paper has not been cited, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge.

de Buyl has another publication in JAST, “Kinetics of cure, cross link density and adhesion of water-reactive alkoxysilicone sealants,” which came out in 2012. His name appears alongside those of three other co-authors.

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