Double dipping on exercise/cardiac risk paper leads to retraction

intjneurosciThe International Journal of Neuroscience has retracted a September 2005 paper by a group from Turkey who published the same article in the same month in a different journal.

The research involved looking at concentrations of blood fats in athletes and less vigorous folk, “and to examine the risks of cardiovascular diseases.”It found that:

… medium and high level of exercises did not cause significant differences in lipid and lipoprotein levels, but the sex differences were very pronounced” with “lipid and lipoprotein profile of female subjects was found to be better than that of males”.

Here’s the notice:

The editors and publisher would like to inform the readers that the following article has been retracted from publication in The International Journal of Neuroscience:

Kishali NF, Imamoglu O, Kaldirimci M, Akyol P, Yildirim K. Comparison of lipid and lipoprotein values in men and women differing in training status. Int J Neurosci 2005 Sep;115(9):1247–57.

The corresponding author, Dr. Kishali, notified the editors and the publisher that this article was previously published by The Biology of Sport:

Imamoglu, O, Atan, T, Kishali, NF, Burmaoglu, G, Akyol, P, Yildirim, K. Comparison of lipid and lipoprotein values in men and women differing in training status. Biol Sport 2005 Sep;22(3):261–70.

Dr. Kishali requested the retraction and we agreed. Our policy in this respect is clear: The International Journal of Neuroscience considers all manuscripts on the strict condition that they have been submitted only to The International Journal of Neuroscience, that they have not been published already, nor are they under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere.

The International Journal of Neuroscience published this article in good faith, and on the basis of signed statements made by the corresponding author regarding the originality of their work. The article is withdrawn from all print and electronic editions.

The Biology of Sport version has been cited twice, while the International Journal of Neuroscience one has been cited five times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge.

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  1. Seven Years Later…someone senior to the senior author of these two papers happened to independently (ie not through a whistleblower) become aware of the mimeographic publication and confronted her/him with it, forcing him/her to confess and voluntarily request a retraction…just a wild guess and most unlikely

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