NIH section chief with 19 retractions is no longer running a lab

Stanley Rapoport.
Source: NIH

A former section chief at the National Institutes of Health who has had 19 papers retracted is no longer running a lab, Retraction Watch has learned.

In the last three years, Stanley Rapoport, who is based at the U.S. National Institute on Aging (NIA), has lost 19 papers due to the misconduct of three different co-authors—Jagadeesh Rao, Fei Gao and Mireille Basselin.

And now, Rapoport, who was chief of the brain physiology and metabolism section of the NIA, no longer runs a lab.

According to a spokesperson at the NIA:

Dr. Stanley Rapoport is currently employed at the National Institute on Aging in the Office of the Scientific Director. He is not currently running a laboratory.

Rapoport’s NIA web page lists him as a “scientific advisor.”

Rapoport’s retraction tally places him on our leaderboard. The latest retraction for Rapoport occurred earlier this month in Schizophrenia Research. In the past, Rapoport has talked to us about his co-authors:

The misconduct, as I now understand it, was very technical and outside of my areas of expertise. In retrospect, I don’t think I could have spotted the misconduct earlier. Data were presented at internal meetings, when the misconduct was not identified. Basselin and Gao and Rao had PhDs and strong letters of recommendation.

In these days of complex interdisciplinary research, one depends on the trustworthiness of colleagues who use methodologies with which one has no personal experience. I regret missing the falsifications by Dr. Rao…

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