11 thoughts on “The Retraction Watch Store”

    1. Cafe Press doesn’t sell watches, so we’ll need to find another vendor. Check back, and thanks for your interest!

      1. Yes, and we might start with the numeral 12 at the bottom signifying the that the day’s time has run out (better to use a twenty-four hour clock?). However, making time descriptions more cryptic using base 2 with12 (=~3.58) and so on is probably an idea that should be retractable, if not programmable.

        Ooh, there’s a wonkoidal trinket: a clock with programmable LED numeral combinations and configurations! It provides the immediate excuse: “I was sleeping on, ahem, sex-agesimal time and my alarm was set for octal … “

  1. It does seem like there is a missed opportunity for some great merchandise here. What about a t-shirt that says:

    1 – Beta = 🙁



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