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Mathematicians have second paper retracted

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inequalA group of mathematicians in Iran have had a second paper retracted, and if we may, neither of the notices adds up.

Here’s the notice: for the new paper, in the Journal of Inequalities and Applications:

The manuscript [1] has been retracted by the editor as a request of one of the authors (Dumitru Baleanu). He realized that the version submitted by the corresponding author was not in the final form. The authors were advised to resubmit their paper after making necessary corrections.

Three of those authors — Allahviranloo, Salahshour, and Avazpour, who was the corresponding author — were co-authors of a a 2012 paper in the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications that was accepted because of an “accidental administrative error.” Baleanu — who has faculty appointments in Romania, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, was not an author of that paper and did not respond to our requests for comment.

The journal’s editor, Ravi Agarwal, tells Retraction Watch:

As far as I know the retractions of the papers in JIA and JMAA are not connected with each other.

During the proofreading of the paper in JIA one of the authors found mistakes and I advised him
to retract it and submit later the revised version.

The last time we wrote about the Journal of Inequalities and Applications involved a paper by a different group that was retracted, the notice said vaguely, because it “contains some ethical problems.”